CNMAT Externals Release

2018-04-24 00:00:00 -0700

During my time at CNMAT, I updated and maintained the build system, documentation space, and supporting patchers for the CNMAT Externals library. This release included 64-bit Windows compatibility as well as a full documentation overhaul.

CNMAT externals helpfile ex.

Background: The CNMAT externals are a set of externals for Max/MSP that represent various projects alongside CNMAT’s research history. This history included many toolchains uninvolved in Max, but as much of the realtime synthesis/processing, performance-oriented software, and prototyping occurred within the Max environment, this set of objects is significant to understanding the history of R&D there.

CNMAT announcement: "We are pleased to announce an update to our legacy CNMAT Externals package. This update includes a host of new features, including: - 64-bit compatibility - Updated help files and reference links - Many fixed bugs and updates (see log) - A new set of documentation reference files that accompany the help patchers Special thanks to Rama Gottfried and Jeff Lubow for all of their work on the 64-bit build process, testing, fixes and tweaks, documentation updates, and a host of upcoming features. Thanks also to Edmund Campion and Jeremy Wagner for their assistance in the testing phase. This work is made possible with support from the College of Letters and Science and the Department of Music at the University of California, Berkeley. The CNMAT Externals were conceived of / written by a number of researchers and staff throughout the years of CNMAT’s history, including Adrian Freed, Matt Wright, John MacCallum, Rama Gottfried, Jeff Lubow, Andy Schmeder, David Wessel, Ben Jacobs and others."

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