Date Range: Nov 2008 - July 2011

In 2008-‘11 I worked with Professor Ervin Hafter at the Hafter Auditory Perception Lab on a research project involving dichotic listening. Subjects were invited to answer questions issued in a virtual cocktail party that I programmed, both through visual stimulus on screen and a 48-channel speaker array in an anechoic chamber. The goal was to track how people pay attention with simultaneous streams of information, and how often they are able to tune in subconsciously. This work was completed with both Matlab and Max/MSP/Jitter as the framework, and the interface for the subjects was an array of switches that allowed them to answer the questions which we could then catalogue.

HAPL wall


  • Develop software for an experiment involving the Dichotic Listening of subjects.
  • Code and administer A/V experiment with custom visual projection system, responsive sensors, and 48-channel speaker array in an anechoic chamber.
  • Execute responsibilities associated with role of Programmer/Analyst II.

Ervin Hafter