Subjective Spaces in Hearing

2008-10-13 00:00:00 -0700

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In 2008, I started work with CNMAT on a research project with the late David Wessel, involving the development of hearing aids. Other PIs were Brent Edwards, Sridhar Kalluri, and Kelly Fitz. Subjects were able to use our test suite to custom calibrate a 16-band compressor in order to come up with weighted interpolations that made more sense to them than a standard preset. The goal was to put the hearing impaired in control rather than administering fittings for customers without feedback. We then compared these choices with the outcome of a neural network in order to do further research and analyses on the data. This work was done in Max/MSP, and the UI had to be used by people with no knowledge of programming.


  • Develop and maintain software that subjects used for listening experiments
  • Run clinical trials with bespoke software, data collection
  • Correlate data in findings and do further analysis
  • Report to SHRC team regarding updates and research goals

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