Jeffrey M. Lubow

I am an interdisciplinary artist and researcher concerned with the space between body and technology. My influences are spread amongst a number of mentors and colleagues the likes of David Wessel, Adrian Freed, Leslie Stuck, John Bischoff, Pauline Oliveros, and Patrick Clancy.

I studied conceptual art at the Kansas City Art Institute, and electronic music practice at Mills College in Oakland, California. Since, I have worked with various organizations, including Cycling ‘74, The Hafter Auditory Perception, and Starkey Hearing Research Center.

In 2008, I commenced a research position at CNMAT (the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies), UC Berkeley, focusing on instrument building, music technology, pedagogy, and experimental software development, where I currently occupy the role of Music Systems Designer.

I perform and record my own music under the moniker ‘equilet’.