Thea Farhadian: Violinist

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From 2008 onward, I’ve periodically worked for improvisor and violinist Thea Farhadian. My role has been to design and implement software environments for performance (in Max/MSP) that Thea uses during her live improvisations.

The bulk of the work has fallen into two main projects:

  1. A wrapper environment & supporting library around the munger~ object, which is a part of percolate.

  2. A bespoke granulator with supporting realtime UI for performance. This project started in 2016 and is currently in development.

The older software was built in a way which was fairly hard to address in real-time. My feeling is that it goes a direction typical of a lot of concert patches where there are ‘presets’ and ‘states’ the improvisor can jump to. In the newer project, my hopes are that there is a dynamism between the software and the performer in its reactivity. There are different types of real-time analysis happening on the fly, which I use to develop a dialog between the artist and the software. It also incorporates the ODOT library very directly.


  • munger~ wrapper patch
  • particulate (bespoke granulator)


  • Consult on ideas about improvising with electronics toward an implementation that can be reliably brought into performance
  • Design bespoke software to meet the demands of musicianship, including supporting libraries that can be reused easily
  • Implement design and test. Rehearsal sessions with client in order to fit exact needs and tailor cases