Linda Bouchard: Composer


From 2008 onward, I’ve periodically worked with composer Linda Bouchard. My role has been to design/build/test externals, create documentation, and to program software editing environments for composition, including tools for live contexts. Most work has been done with or around Max/MSP, XCode, and supporting libraries.


  • morphograph - a Max/MSP external. The object allows an audio file to be loaded in, does a number of different types of analysis based on user queries, and generates a graphic score. This project is part of Linda’s 2022-23 research residency at CNMAT. This external is currently Mac-only - contact me for details regarding an alpha revision.

  • Debugging and development for the _aLib library made by Ali Momeni in Max/MSP.

  • Quasar - a set of Max patchers, assisting in preparation of rehearsals and performance. This project was commissioned by Quasar w/ the support of a Canada Council for the arts award.

  • Real-time audio-cueing and visualization patchers for the rehearsal and performance of Drop, Gaggle, Gathering, and Pandemonium. Information about pieces can be found here.


  • Consult on ideas about the compositional/creative processes as they relate to electronic music.
  • Design bespoke software prepared for real-time usage, including supporting libraries that can be reused easily
  • Implement design and test. Rehearsal sessions with client in order to fit exact needs and tailor cases
  • Development of C/C++ code for processing input files including analysis, mapping of descriptors to graphics, and generation of output files used for composition
  • Debugging in the Max/MSP environment for audio and music synthesis